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'Zorro' Reboot to Feature Female Lead

Zorro will ride again, but this time, with a more modern twist.

Robert Rodriguez and his sister Rebecca will write the series for NBC together, where Rebecca is set to direct. According to Deadline, the Rodriguez duo will work alongside actress Sofia Vergara and LatinWe, as well as CBS Studios and Propagate. The new show will feature a female lead, viewing the popular story through a more modern lens.

Per Deadline, the series will center around Sola Dominguez as "an underground artist who fights for social injustice as a contemporary version of the mythical Zorro. Her life is threatened by several criminal organizations after she exposes them."

` The contemporary Zorro series won't be Robert Rodriguez's first take on the character nor the franchise. He was first to direct The Mask of Zorro (1998), starring Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zeta-Jones, before leaving the project and having director Martin Campbell take over. Propagate has been attempting to get a Zorro series in the works, and it seems like they've found the perfect match to put their plan into action. There is no announced release date for the developing show.

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