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Zoe Kravitz Says 'The Batman' script is "Phenomenal"

The DC Extended Universe prepares to retell the classic Batman story with a spin as Robert Pattison makes his superhero genre debut as Bruce Wayne, famously known by his alter ego, Batman.

The Batman, directed by Matt Reeves, is set to release late into 2021, leaving anxious fans itching for even the tiniest hints or leaks from the film. The revamped Batman is stacked with a stellar cast, including Zoe Kravitz, who will take on the role of Selena Kyle, or Catwoman. Kravitz, who has referred to Michelle Pfieffer’s 1992 Catwoman role as “super inspiring,” has revealed that she’d been fitted for her costume and has been training for the role. She was also quick to open up about both Pattinson’s performance and The Batman script during an interview with Josh Horowitz.

It’s great,” Kravitz said, “and [Robert Pattinson] is absolutely the man for this job. The script is phenomenal." Like Kravitz, co-stars Paul Dano and Colin Farrell have piped up to praise Reeve’s screenwriting, dubbing the script to be “powerful.”

There isn’t much to be known about The Batman yet as it takes cover under its veil of secrecy, and it’s expected that the film takes more of an enigmatic approach, daring not to give itself away, where it could potentially betray the rest of the DCEU’s unrevealed slate. 

Having multiple cast members speak positively about the script can only be a good thing, and although it’s unclear in which way The Batman will take the Dark Knight next, there’s a promising outlook for the Caped Crusader. There may not be too much to read into, but with the DC FanDome on the near horizon, we could be seeing more of The Batman sooner than we think. 

Story by Annie Banks


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