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Will There Be a Crash Bandicoot 4?

When Vicarious Visions set out to remaster the three original Crash Bandicoot games, it’s unlikely they were expecting it to become as popular as it did and so, the question becomes, will there be a Crash Bandicoot 4 anytime soon?

Short answer: Yes there will, but not by Vicarious Visions as one might expect. Instead, Crash 4 is being developed by Toys For Bob; the same studio who developed the gorgeous Spyro Reignited Trilogy. “Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time” was teased yesterday on June 22 and is set to release for PS4 and Xbox One on October 2. It looks absolutely phenomenal and fans couldn’t be happier. It’s been well over 20 years since there’s been a direct sequel to the original Playstation 1 trilogy Fans are ecstatic for brand new 'N'sane,' exciting, exhilarating Crash-styled adventure!

The game is “picking up where the original trilogy left off, Neo Cortex and Dr. Nefarious Tropy have escaped their interdimensional prison and in doing so have fractured the boundaries of time and space. It’s up to Crash and Coco to save the day.” An interesting premise with a clever double entendre of a name - a joke not lost on anyone - and Toys For Bob is right; it IS about time for a new Crash game, especially one that looks THIS exceptionally wonderful.

This game comes loaded with new powers, new masks, and new challenges. “Manipulate time, flip your world upside down, and bend the rules of reality as you master the four powerful quantum masks. Learn all new abilities with each mask and unite them to restore order to the multiverse," the teaser insists, boasting about what may be in store for the fourth Crash game, including new abilities, more playable characters, alternate dimensions, featuring 'ridonkulous' bosses. "Same awesome sauce? You bet your sweet jorts," the studio assures.

Hopefully, more information will be available soon, but for now, being thrilled about the trailer and announcement will have to suffice. The N’Sane trilogy is still available for gamers to indulge in while waiting for the formal announcement for a new game, and has not lost its classic charm.

By: Nicholas James

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