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'What If...?' Reviews: 'Best Disney+ Show Yet'

On Wednesday, August 11, comic book fans will be treated to yet another Marvel series on Disney+, the animated series What If...?.

After the finale episode of Loki opened the door to an infinite number of alternate Marvel realities, fans are chomping at the bit for the new Disney+ series, What If...?

The series, which features voice cameos from your favorite MCU stars, will explore alternate realities in the Marvel Universe with episodes like, "What if Agent Carter Received the Super Soldier Serum Instead of Steve Rogers?" or "What if the Marvel Heroes Became Flesh Eating Zombies?".

And if your anticipation is bubbling over like ours, here are a few reactions from a small handful of fans who have already seen the first few episodes of What If...?


After 3 episodes, Marvel’s What If…? has potential to be their best D+ show yet. Yes, it’s funny and exciting but the way each twist snowballs in hugely surprising ways kept me guessing and engaged too. Ep 2 in particular (with T’Challa) is one of my fave Marvel things in years.


#WhatIf is a colorful and fun new twist on your favorite MCU stories. The animation makes everything sighing the frame feel like a comic book in motion. And

@jfreewright is the perfect storyteller to guide fans on a journey of what if’s & hypotheticals.


Maybe it’ll get better as it goes along, but I was not particularly inspired by the episodes of Marvel’s WHAT IF…? sent to critics. Leans too heavily on the “Isn’t this crazy?” factor, never telling particularly compelling stories. Voice acting feels literally phoned in.


Do these reviews move your nerd needle one way or the other? Sound off in the comment section and let us know how excited (or unexcited) you are for What If...?

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