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What Does the Playstation 5 Have To Offer?

Sony streamed its “Future of Gaming” event on July 11 and revealed its next-gen console: the PlayStation 5, popularly abbreviated as the PS5. The event has caused a buzz that's still alive, but are the specs and some games that you might have missed amid the excitement.

Set to launch “holiday of 2020,” the PS5 exceeded expectations and is overflowing with exclusive features.  It has the ability to run PS4 games, according to Mark Cerny in an interview with Wired, and a few of the sensational features the PS5 will have include “near-instant load times.” The Playstation website said that the console will also sport “ultra-high-speed SSD memory, 4K-TV gaming, up to 120fp, and 8K output.” Gameplay can be accessible through a 4320p resolution display.

To demonstrate these breathtaking specs, Sony revealed multiple game trailers during their “Future of Gaming” stream. New and exciting titles were announced during the event, such as Spider-Man: Miles Morales, a visually stunning sequel to the extremely popular Insomniac game, Marvel's Spider-Man for the Playstation 4, Horizon Forbidden West is a gorgeous sequel to fan-favorite Horizon Zero Dawn for the Playstation 4, and an astounding “built from the ground up” remake of the Playstation 3 smash hit, Demon Souls - a treat for any FromSoftware fan.

Speaking of PS5 games, let's talk about some trailers you might've missed during the Playstation event.  Bugsnax is a cartoonish first-person game, made by Young Horses (creators of the hilarious game Octodad,)  where players are tasked to “explore an island where creatures are half bug and half snack,” Young Horses president Philip Tibitoski said in a USgamer interview.

Stray, created by BlueTwelve Studios, is a beautifully crafted third-person game with an interesting premise where you play as an adorable cat trying to find their family and their way home through a cyberpunk-esque city inhabited by robots.

Deathloop, Bethesda's newest game, introduces the game’s protagonist. Colt, an assassin, who is stuck in a time loop after he dies repetitively, must learn from every death in order to survive. While not a new concept, it’s intriguing to add context to the death mechanic that is in nearly every game and often has no context at all.

With all the buzz around the PS5, people are excited to see what's on the horizon for Playstation, ecstatic about potential future games, and are in unprecedented anticipation for the PS5’s eventual release. If you’d like to see what games the PS5 has to offer or the specs and features on the system, check out the PS5 section of The trailers that have been revealed are available to watch via Youtube.

Story by: Nicholas James


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