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Warcorns: Combat Unicorns for Hire

If you take the very best parts from Full Metal Jacket, mix in a little My Little Pony, and a heavy peppering of God Hates Astronauts, you get Warcorns from Source Point Press.

The series by Garrett Gunn with art by Kit Wallis and lettering by Dave Lentz (I love the lettering in this book, btw) tells the story of an elite military force of waring unicorns that are assembled to apprehend the deadliest criminals in the galaxy. And if that isn't enough to get you to drop your money on the barrelhead, I don't know what is.


Now... you may be saying to yourself, unicorns... this sounds like the perfect comic for my 6 year old daughter or son, think again. It is chock full of "F" bombs and mature language (which only enhances it's awesomeness).

The project started as a one-shot comic on Kickstarter, but the newest issues act as a prequel series, telling the origin story of our main characters, Big Sarge, Gunney, and Floater as they enlist in Warcorns Division and try to survive basic training!

Their story continues as they find themselves thrust headfirst into their first intergalactic mission to apprehend two alien fugitives.

Warcorns is full of great original characters, spectacular art and (as I mentioned earlier) great lettering. But most of all, it's just down right hilarious. But, as they say on Reading Rainbow, "...don't take my word for it." Take a look at what other critics are saying about Warcorns.


"That's the dumbest idea I've ever heard." - Andy Schmidt

"Uh-huh... but, why?" - Every Editor Ever

"Your ideas are shit." - Travis Mcintire


Definitely tell your local comic shop to order Warcorns, and put them on your pull list. And if you're unlucky enough to not have a LCS nearby, fear not, you can order al the new issues of Warcorns from Source Point Press here:

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