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'WandaVision' Actress Teyonah Parris Won't Confirm Nor Deny Fan Theories

WandaVision has been quick to deliver twist after twist as the show makes its way into the first season's final few episodes, leaving fans to move even quicker in developing their predictions.

The show has been teasing the reveal of the aerospace engineer that Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris) has mentioned before, but no name has been dropped just yet. To enter the Hex, or Westview, and avoid the odds of falling under Wanda Maximoff's (Elizabeth Olsen) control, Rambeau has requested the aid of an aerospace engineer who she refers to as a "good friend." Whoever they may be, it's to be assumed that they are on the way to New Jersey and that there's no telling in when the previously mentioned "friend" will make their debut.

Fans have high hopes that Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four is on his way to small screens. There's the possibility that this engineer could be anyone at this point, as WandaVision has surprised audiences with before, however, the evidence is glaring. A Fantastic Four reboot has been announced for the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the WandaVision cast has hinted at a "Luke Skywalker-level cameo sometime during the show."

Parris, while in an interview with Variety, chose to sidestep confirming nor denying fan theories about Richards after the source asked the actress about the character being the unnamed engineer. "You should expect to keep watching and find out what happened," Parris said. "Okay, that wasn’t silent and it wasn’t the other one. I’m not even looking at you right now! I’m trying not to get into it with you," she said.

Actor John Krasinski, paired with his wife, Emily Blunt, have been fan cast as Reed "Mister Fantastic" Richards and Sue "Invisible Woman" Storm for some time now, and with the contingency of the Fantastic Four undergoing another makeover, the Krasinski-Blunt duo is still in popular demand.

During an interview with, Parris was firm not to budge when once again asked about the mystery character. "I can't wait to see what y'all's reaction is when you learn with the aerospace engineer is," Parris said. "Everything about this show excites me. There are so many little surprises, things you don't expect. So in keeping with the theme the show has already set up, I'm always excited."

It's mentioned in the show's sixth episode that this allusive engineer is nearby, leaving fans to assume that the identity of the new character will make their arrival in the seventh episode, if not the eighth. WandaVision is only nine episodes long, slimming down the predictions of when the big reveal will happen, meaning it's only a matter of time until the identity of the engineer is no longer a mystery.

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