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Vincent D'Onofrio Says There Is No Plan For A Kingpin return... Yet.

The Hawkeye series on Disney+ brought fans something they've been clamoring for ever since Netflix pulled the plug on its Daredevil show, the return of Vincent D'Onofrio as The Kingpin. Well, if you thought this meant the permanent reinstatement of the actor into the MCU, think again (maybe).

Vincent D'Onofrio says he wants to return as Kingpin, although he has not been asked to return.
Vincent D'Onofrio Kingpin

In an interview with The Sarah O'Connell Show, D'Onofrio had this to say about plans to return to the character:

"No, [I’m not currently signed on for more Marvel projects.] I've been through this before with Daredevil. It's very clear to them all that I really want to play this part, keep playing it. You know, I'm just hoping that continues. I'm just beginning to have fun with it."

He went on to say, "I still think there's so much more to do with this character, so I'm just hoping that I do get a call. That would be really nice, and I would like to continue."


It seems apparent that the actor really wants to return to the role. According to ScreenRant, in a previous interview, he expressed hope that Kingpin didn't actually die in his final Hawkeye scene, saying that he had originally "hoped Daredevil wouldn't end" either.

While no plans are yet in motion to bring back The Kingpin, one thing's for sure, when an actor of D'Onofrio's caliber says he wants a role, it's safe to assume that the role will be his.


What do you think about these statements? Would you like to see D'Onofrio return as The Kingpin? Find us on Twitter and Instagram and sound off.

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