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'Unborn' is a Fast Paced Sci-Fi Monster Story with Real Heart

The latest comic from Source Point Press, Unborn, was released this week and it is certainly one you'll want to add to your pull list.

Set in the future, Unborn is the story of a team space miners on the last days of their mission to retrieve fuel from mining on other planets, but by page 9 their plans take a turn for the worst as they are attacked by swarm of space bugs that quickly get the better of them.

Without giving away any more of the story, I can say that Unborn is an extremely fast paced sci-fi adventure that plays on Arthurian tropes like knights, monsters and quests, while at the same time dives deep into the individual characters and their motivations behind joining the crew of this seemingly doomed mission.

The art by Ev Cantada and coloring by Maan House is everything you would expect from the folks at Source Point Press (which is to say its fantastic), but it's the writing by Frank Gogol that really makes Unborn (which is only a 4-issue story) work so well.

With only 4 issues in the series, Gogol has the monumental task of establishing characters you care about, presenting the reader with a high stakes conflict, and ultimately dealing with the consequences of the story. He achieves this through page after page of crew transcripts and written reports that not only fully explain the story and its characters, but also makes for a slower read that really gives the reader their money's worth.

Having read the first 3 issues, I can say I am chomping at the bit for more Unborn, and my only negative to this review is that it is only 4 issues.

You can order a copy of the first issue at your local comic shop, or at Source Point Press.


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