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Touring Minecraft’s Brand New Nether

The Minecraft Update 1.16 is coming out June 23 and we’re here to take you on a tour of the new and improved Nether. Please remain seated and keep your arms and legs in the article at all times.

Welcome to Minecraft’s very own realm of eternal flames: the Nether. A barren, vermilion wasteland filled with lava, fortresses, and vicious enemies. But not anymore! As of the 1.16 update, the Nether will have four new subsets (also known as biomes, technically bringing the total to five,) brand new enemies, and new materials to mine and craft.


If you look to our left you’ll see the Basalt Deltas, one of the brand new biomes the Nether has to offer. If you like grayscale color schemes, your inner goth will feel at home here. But what’s basalt? It’s a new “type of igneous rock” that players can polish and use for decoration. But, be wary, lava lakes and magma cubes are abundant in these treacherous deltas as well as Ghasts, Magma cubes, and Striders that can really turn up the heat.

On our right, you’ll see the two new forest biomes: Crimson and Warped Forests. Essentially they’re the same biome except one is red and one is blue. Both forests are filled with giant mushrooms, netherrack (and its respective variants), roots, and vines. The main differences between the forests are frequency and enemy type. “The Warped Forest is the rarest biome in the Nether” and only spawns enemy CPUs such as Hoglins and Endermen. The current red counterpart spawns Hoglins, Piglins, and the updated Zombie Pigmen, now known as Zombified Piglins.

To conclude,  we still have one biome left. Looking for a place with a little soul? A land that would make jazz musicians blush? Then check out Soul Sand Valley. “A large grotto” where they took a bunch of souls and just shoved them into the ground, literally! “The biome is made up of soul sand and soul soil, ”basalt, gravel, glowstone clusters, magma blocks, and open and closed lava springs… Nether gold ore, Nether quartz ore, and ancient debris” that’s engulfed in an ominous cyan tint. Unfortunately, there’s no jazz music playing in the valley, but Ghasts, Endermen, and Skeletons abound in the valley; which keeps players alert while exploring Soul Sand Valley.

The new Minecraft update hosts new realms, which will allow players to explore even more in-game. This is a huge update for the game itself that will allow further expansion of the game to allow for greater advances in itself.

Story by: Nicholas James


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