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Tom Holland Discusses When He Will Retire As Spiderman

After the massive success Tom Holland has experienced as the web-slinging wall-crawler, Spiderman, in the Spidey "Home" Trilogy and other MCU films like Captain America: Civil War, fans are left to speculate, how long will Holland continue on as Peter Parker.

In an interview with Esquire Middle East, Holland had this to say about the future of his role as Spiderman:

"What I was basically trying to say is that if I am 30 and still playing Spider-Man and I haven't passed on the baton to a Miles Morales or a Spider-Woman or something more diverse, then I will have done something wrong in the sense of duties that I have to the character."

Holland, who is currently 25 years old, is already in preproduction on an all new Spiderman Trilogy of films in the MCU, so that means (if he sticks to his stated timeline), that may be the last we see of him in the spandex.


Spiderman: No Way Home marked the biggest and most lucrative Spiderman film to date and had Spidey facing down an army of his fiercest foes yet, climbing in from all corners of the multiverse. The 3 films also acted as an origin story for the character as (SPOILER) the end of No Way Home showed Spiderman loosing his globally known identity and starting fresh as a mysterious wall crawler, complete with flashy new blue and red suit (of his own making).

While little is known about what direction the next three Spiderman films will take, it seems that Tom Holland already has set an end date for himself as Spidey and has plans to eventually hang up the suit.

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