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'The Umbrella Academy' Season 3 Announces New Cast

The Umbrella Academy has been successful since its get-go on Netflix in 2019 and quickly climbed the charts to become one of the streaming platform's most popular original series. Now, the superhero series is preparing to twist the timeline and introduce a rival superhero squad: The Sparrow Academy.

The Umbrella Academy stood out from a competitive comic book crowd clambering to be the next top show. Combining familiar superhero tropes with an off-colored sense of humor, thematics of trauma, overtones of mental health awareness, and a specific hyper-stylization, the comic-based series jut out with its charming absurdity.

With a new season comes a new team of heroes, which was teased at the end of the second season. The cast of "Sparrows" includes Sparrow #1; Justin H. Min reprising his role as Ben, now the hardened Sparrow #2; Britne Oldford as Fei, the solitary but brilliant Sparrow #3; Jake Epstein as Alphonso, the battle-worn Sparrow #4; Genesis Rodriguez as Sloane, the enigmatic Sparrow #5; and Cazzie David as Jayme, the quiet Sparrow #6. There is also a Sparrow #7 named Christopher, described as being played by an “existential dread-inducing psykronium cube.”

Justin H. Min returning as Ben - whom fans can recognize as the formerly-deceased, Kraken-possessed Umbrella Academy member - has been teased by Netflix to be a more dark reprisal. The nature of the new timeline for the third season still remains to be a mystery, and the fate of both new and old characters alike is a wildcard call. However these new faces may come into play, they're sure to shake up The Umbrella Academy universe even more.

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