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The New Thor Comic is Back - A Summary

After a brief hiatus following Issue #4 in March, Thor: Black Winter or Thor (2020) released its fifth issue on June 24. Here’s a brief refresher about what’s been going on.

*This article contains spoilers.*

Thor (2020) - written by Donny Cates, penciled and inked by Nic Klein, and colored by Matthew Winslow - brings back Thor, The God of Thunder, but now he’s the king of Asgard and "the Ten Realms are finally at peace, but the skies above the Realm Eternal are never clear for long. Black Winter is coming.”

What is Black Winter? It’s “a terrifying threat that caused the destruction of the universe that came before the Marvel Universe we know” and “only Galactus has ever survived an encounter” with it. Speaking of, Galactus and Thor team up to stop the Black Winter and Thor becomes Galactus’s new herald. A more aptly named title could be “Thor & Galactus: Space Friends!”

Jumping back into the series, there is a lot of information covered in issues #1-#4 of Thor & Galactus: Space Friends. This is your spoiler warning! If you're not concerned about spoilers or are caught up, feel free to proceed. In the first issue, Galactus crashed onto Asgard and Thor agreed to be his herald. Side note: Black Winter takes the appearance of the person that kills you - and for Galactus, Black Winter's guise was as Thor, who had played the 'keep your enemies closer' card.

In Issue 2, a league of superheroes from another reality lost against Black Winter: a god of the sun, emerald light, darkness, ocean, and speed. Galactus also attempted to eat the first of five hidden worlds that would “greatly increase his power” before the population had gotten to safety and Thor wasn’t too keen on that, so he moved the people to Asgard before Galactus devoured the planet. Beta Ray Bill makes his appearance and he was angry.

In Issues 3-4, Thor nearly killed Bill, but Lady Sif interjected and saved Bill. Galactus ate three of the five hidden planets while Thor relocated their populations to Asgard. On the last planet, the population said, “no way, we’ll fight Black Winter with you” and Galactus only declined and ate the planet, killing everyone and everything on the surface. Thor was furious but his rage was inconsequential; Black Winter had arrived.

Now, you’re all caught up to check out Thor (2020) Issue #5 to see the fate of the universe, the fate of beloved Thor, God of Thunder, and the fate of not-such-a-great-guy, Galactus, Devourer of Worlds. Feel free to go to Marvel's website for information on how to acquire a physical/digital copy read it, as well as, for issues #1-#4.

By Nicholas James

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