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One Popular Competition Stage is Set to Return to C2E2 2023

Comic conventions have adapted well to the changing climate of popular culture and the variety of sub-cultures that have made themselves more prominent beneath the overarching idea of what fandom has consisted of. Cross-cultural references have allowed entertainment to take new forms as it responds to fandom, and understand the elasticity of how entertainment media trends. The Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo have expanded its programming to encourage inclusivity each year, promoting the idea that all fan domains are welcome at Chicago's premiere destination for pop culture. The skyrocketing interest in K-pop, or Korean popular music, has enticed the interest of many through the sensationalism of girl groups, boy groups, breakout stars, and rap icons on the rise - so much so, that its breakout dance communities have now been incorporated into official convention programming.

K-pop derives from music genres such as hip-hop, experimental, R&B, electronic, and disco while honoring traditional Korean music roots. Its origination in South Korea has resulted in K-pop becoming a global phenomenon as top groups have earned global popularity. Though it was initially created in the 2000s, the music genre left a long-lasting and unshakable impact on international audiences from the 2010s onward, essentially reviving interest in the boy band and girl band trend in the music scene. K-Pop YouTubers K!Junkies will host Hit The Stage: Vol.3 at C2E2 2023 as the K-pop dance cover competition prepares to return to the convention.

All participants enrolled in Hit The Stage: Vol.3 must be at least 15 years old in order to be eligible to complete. The submission deadline for contestant entry is February 27th at 11:59 p.m. CST., and all parties who have submitted entry forms will be notified of their participation status after the deadline has passed. An exact date and time for when the competition will be held have yet to be announced, and all entrant is asked to submit one (1) application. Hit The Stage: Vol.3 showrunners request that dancers do not enter in multiple groups or solo acts. A ticket to C2E2 2023 is not provided by ReedPop or C2E2, and applicants are responsible for providing their own admission to the show floor. Per the contest's requirements for an audition to be considered, "each entry must include a “preliminary dance video” along with their application submission. This video must be a cover or performance of any K-Pop dance cover, be at least 60 seconds long, and be shared via YouTube link (make sure this video is not set to ‘Private’). This video does not need to be your performance entry song."

It is required that performers choose a K-pop song and that dancers follow at least 75% of the original choreography in their routine. All audition tapes must use a K-pop song in their “preliminary dance video” and extend to a minimum of 60 seconds. Those who are granted a spot in the official Hit The Stage: Vol.3 competition must time their performance to a minimum of two minutes. Performances and routines are welcome to extend to an upward mark of four minutes in total. Those who wish to incorporate the uses of sets or props into their routine are required to provide their own material. As stated in Hit The Stage: Vol.3 guidelines, "please refrain from any props that may harm audience members or other contestants, such as glitter, confetti, or anything being thrown off stage. You will be asked to inform us about prop usage in your confirmation email."

Cash prizes and certificates will be awarded to four finalists. Interested parties may submit their applications here, and any other questions or comments may be directed to Fans can keep up to date with all of the latest happenings by following the convention across its official Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages. C2E2 2023 will return on Friday, March 31st, and conclude on Sunday, April 2nd, 2023 at the McCormick Place in Chicago, Ill. VIP Tickets, 3-Day Tickets Single-Day Tickets, Kids Tickets, Virtual Tickets, and Family Tickets are now available for purchase.


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