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The Gorilla Position: Why Edge Should Face McIntyre and Not Roman Reigns

Edge made his return the Monday before the Royal Rumble in a pre-taped segment that was filled with passion, desire, and a need: a visceral want to win the Royal Rumble so that he can embark on winning "the title he never lost" at Wrestlemania. The issue with this is that title he never lost is technically the title around Drew McIntyre's waist (or shoulder as some champs prefer) and not the title on either Finn Balor's or Roman Reigns'. Now, younger wrestling fans may not care about which title he goes after, but the ones making up their ratings should.

Edge, the old-timer long thought to never be able to wrestle again wrestling the evil mob boss that is holding Smackdown hostage week after week is a compelling story. In fact, the finishers of Spear vs Spear even sounds fun for the two. However, the Universal Championship wasn't a thing when Edge was forced to retire and forfeiting what was then the "World Heavyweight Championship." That title would be unified into the WWE Championship, which now belongs to McIntyre, a champion on Raw. I could go on and on about the travesty of Kevin Owens not winning the big one because of how it would negatively affect Roman, even though a similar ping-ponging of the championship between Roman's real-life cousin, The Rock, and Mankind leading up to The Rock Vs Stone Cold at Mania seemed to elevate both men more than detract, but I'll leave that to this paragraph. The issue is that Edge made a clear statement that he wanted the belt he never lost, since, it's been more about "Now that I have a choice, which intrigues me the most?" And the answer should be the same. Not the match, but the belt, to which there is only one solution -the WWE Championship. The matches with McIntyre wouldn't have to be just "spotfests" with finisher after finisher being hit and the match closing in a matter of minutes. It could elevate McIntyre to that superstardom level that while he looks the part, he's still not getting TV show appearances, but he's got the look for it. A 30-minute match with Edge, that really could elevate Drew, especially since Roman already has that happening with Kevin Owens, and Edge can't elevate Roman, he's already the head of the table. Now the best match for Edge at Wrestlemania? That would be Finn Balor, but Vince McMahon doesn't look at NXT on that level, as Bianca Bel Air, the Women's Rumble winner hasn't even mentioned the NXT women's championship heading into Mania. Guess that may be a column for another day, but I'd be more interested in Edge winning, Miz cashing in, losing, and Edge working a program with AJ Styles than almost anything on Smackdown though Kevin Owens, Daniel Bryan, Sami Zayn. It leaves the possibilities to be endless. But I stand by my claim, go after the belt you never lost, it's what motivated you in the first place. So until next time, sign up for an account so you can comment below, or share with your friends. Until next time!

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