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The Gorilla Position: The Swerve You Thought You Saw Coming, and then Didn't

The world of AEW got turned upside down with the ending of Dynamite this week. No, it wasn't a rematch between Kenny Omega and Jon Moxley for the world title after the dud of an explosion in their "exploding" deathmatch, but it was the development in the storyline of the Inner Circle, after Chris Jericho and MJF lost their bid at the World Tag Titles in the curtain jerker of the pay-per-view, for example, the opening bout.

Chris Jericho lost that match after hitting the distraction from his own team, an obvious trope for problems amongst a team. After the loss, the two men came out, gave an interview about how changes would have to come on Wednesday, seemingly on the same page.

Well, as only AEW can do it, the wrestlers in the first match of a pay-per-view are suddenly the main event segment on AEW Dynamite just three days later. It seems MJF is ready to finally supersede Jericho as the leader of the Inner Circle, even going so far as to have a video of the other group members seemingly ready to pounce on Jericho, the obvious-but-still-wonderful storyline that was expected, then get the justified moment of Jericho's team rejoining their leader, and swerving MJF. Wow, compelling television indeed, that's where no one saw it coming.

In what appeared to be a moment of breaking a man, MJF began to cry, and say he didn't mean it, he didn't want to take Jericho's place as the leader of the Inner Circle. And then like a scene from Showtime's BILLIONS, MJF got us.

He stated he never wanted to take over the Inner Circle because he was already creating his own group, then the lights went out, and when they returned, Tully Blanchard, FTR, Shawn Spears, and Wardlow were standing beside the reunited Inner Circle and annihilated them.

It was a swerve, after a swerve, after a swerve, and the wrestling world didn't see it coming. It gave MJF a group to call his own, a new Horsemen if you will, and it made him instantly the main event and second-biggest heel on the roster behind the world champion, Omega.

Well played, AEW, where I thought I'd be writing a detraction article after my Christian Cage article last week, you got me, and about 800,000 other fans. Bravo.

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