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The Gorilla Position: The Elimination Chamber

12 wrestlers from the men's division move closer to joining Wrestlemania, and because of that, most fans seem less interested in the next two pay-per-view events because they are "sure" they won't change champions leading into the biggest spectacle in the world of the WWE offers annually.

There is no 100%-guarantee they won't "swerve" us, a term for when they try to do the unexpected and possibly change one of the champions. Right now, RAW's Mania main event is less assured, and champion Drew McIntyre has to defend his title in the chamber itself.

A regular wrestling match takes place in a 20-by-20 square ring. The Elimination Chamber places a 16-ton round cage around it with four pods that contain the wrestlers until they are released one at a time, until all have been let out, and calamity ensues. Normally, the ring is about three feet off the ground. In the chamber, there is a steel floor that is the same height, so there is more damage, hurt, et cetera as the match goes on. It's a pretty cool gimmick match and typically is used as a way to get the opponent for whoever is one of the champions at Mania, rather than the other show, in which the winner of the Royal Rumble takes on the other champion at Mania. The artifice is usually used for something else, like being the last obstacle for the other champion on the way to Wrestlemania. McIntyre will be in one of these matches, so the odds are not strong for the Champ to retain his standing. This is a good spot to change gears if you wanted before Mania, and clean slate it, but McIntyre is their top guy on Raw, and it isn't even close. This is also why it's believed that McIntyre will remain in the event. There's a possibility that Roman Reigns, in all his heel glory, loses his title. It is a possibility of history has taught us anything. Look no further than Roman's cousin, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, on his way to facing "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, losing his title to Mankind in an ongoing feud before the big one. Recently, fans are getting increasingly up in arms that Kevin Owens has been putting on amazing matches to make Roman look good, at the sacrifice of his own credibility. Knowing that the WWE has two pay-per-views before Mania left, gives them the ability to give an early surprise, especially with the odds stacked very highly against Owens to win his chamber match, and then the rules stipulate that Roman faces the winner later that night. This would be the perfect time for them to swerve the fans, shock the world, and then before Mania, find a way to put the belt back on Roman before facing Edge at the show of shows. It's a good story, even if giving Owens the title as a placeholder for a month is only a pat on his head rather than the title run he deserves. There's also the possibility they go even crazier and have someone like Daniel Bryan enter the title picture again by defeating Reigns. Either way, with the odds, stacked that far against the winner to walk out with a title, a no-story title victory has happened, but not normally the big title.

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