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The Gorilla Position: Edge, Christian, and Roman Reigns

Recently, both Edge and his former tag team partner, Jay "Christian" Reso had a great moment, where not too long ago, it was doubted that these Attitude Era Superstars would be in the ring together again due to each battling their own medical impairments. They saw each other, hugged in the ring, and proceeded to turn back the clock twenty years. Both went on to be in the final four of the Royal Rumble, Edge winning the event altogether. What a moment, what a rumble, and yes, I'm forgetting the fact that nobody knew was there at the end, as Seth Rollins and Randy Orton were the other two.

How could WWE use Christian, who is now cleared, like other wrestlers who have overcome head trauma, and are now getting in Roman Reigns' face? in this intriguing matchup to better the story for Mania? Bring Christian out, give a promotion, perhaps an in-ring interview, that lets the Thunderdome know that he is cleared for active duty. Then, have Edge come down to the ring, which will gain an emotional reaction from fans. Later in the evening, then have Christian getting ready for his big in-ring return match against somebody like Daniel Bryan, a respected individual that says he's always wanted to face him. To add to the excitement, have Jey Uso, Reigns' cousin, bust into the locker room and start to physically attack Christian.

From that moment, Edge goes to check on the situation, may even go to the hospital with his partner, demonstrating the loyalty between the tag team. Christian gets a match against Jey, and you tease the Return of Edge and Christian vs. Roman and Jey the Friday before Wrestlemania, as the go-home, blow-up match right before the match of matches.

This would protect the characters, allow safer matches ahead of Mania, and there will be a matchup between Uso vs Christian at Mania, as well as Reigns vs. Edge, though the trouble with this pipedream is that Vince McMahon himself supposedly has never been a fan of Christian, so he'll probably go with Kevin Owens vs. Uso at Wrestlemania, or a triple threat with Jey the Friday vs. Bryan vs Uso, and leave the 47-year-old who's in the best shape of his life without one more Mania moment.

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