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'The Flash' Season 7 Delayed

Initially slated for a February release date due to COVID-19 concerns, The Flash will return in 2021, but at a slightly later point.

The Flash was originally aligned to release alongside Superman & Lois, the latest Arrowverse show on The CW. After Arrow had concluded, The Flash remains to be the longest-running DC show on The CW, meaning that it is expected that the series carries a lot of the weight of the Arrowverse moving forward. For some, the small-scale delay might be a disappointment, but the only motive behind the shift is to make room for a newcomer.

With a connection between Superman & Lois to The Flash, there could be a crossover taking place after the new Arrowverse settles in and gains its bearings, as The CW's DC properties are known for their crossover events.

It has been announced by The CW that The Flash will now start its seventh season on March 2, 2021, only a week away from the previously announced February premier, to make room for Superman & Lois' 90-minute pilot episode.

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