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The Flash May Face Himself in Stand-Alone Movie

It has been confirmed by director Andy Muschietti that the Ezra Miller-led The Flash (2022) will base itself off on the Flashpoint storyline, even if it may not stick exactly to the comic's plot.

Thomas Wayne may not appear in The Flash and is a key indicator that the DC Extended Universe movie will stray away from its source material. There have been rumors that actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan has been eyed for the part in the film though there has been no verification. In turn, Michael Keaton is to return to his iconic Batman role and is expected to help Miller's Barry "the Flash" Allen in one way or another.


In July 2021, photos from the set in London suggested that there will be more than one Flash involved in the movie. Miller was spotted performing with an alleged doppelganger. The photos show Miller side-by-side with another actor that shares likeness in appearance and in height. Theories have noted that this could be an alternative version of the Flash that exists in the same universe and timeline that Keaton's Batman does.

The leaks pose the two Flashes seemingly in deep conversation and in friendly nature. The Direct claims that there is betrayal ahead. "The Direct can exclusively report that this 'other' Barry Allen will serve as a primary villain in the movie, acting as a 'Dark Flash' antagonist to the displaced Barry Allen," Pierre Chanliau said in his article for the pop culture news website. Chanliau said that "according to our sources, elements of this plotline will be heavily inspired by the Flashpoint comic storyline and the villainous Reverse-Flash."


Flashpoint breaks down the events and consequences of Allen going back in time to save his mother from being murdered. The ripple effect left behind from his heroism negatively alters the timeline. Consequential to his actions, Bruce Wayne is killed, Superman's pod crashes, killing thousands in Metropolis, and Allen scapegoats Reverse-Flash for his actions.

If Reverse-Flash is to be the pivotal villain of The Flash, it won't be the first time that he's been incorporated into live-action DC canon. The CW's The Flash (2014-) introduced Savitar, a Reverse-Flash-like time remnant of Allen. Both roles were played by The Flash star Grant Gustin.

While the interaction between the two in the Tweet seemed tame, fans will have to wait to see how villainous this variant of the Scarlet Speedster can become. The Flash speeds into theaters on November 4, 2022.

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