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'The Falcon and The Winter Soldier' Could Now Release in 2021

The Marvel Cinematic Universe fell victim to and took a tremendous hit from the unforgiving delays, meaning that a number of films have been set onto the backburner for their anticipated release dates, most recently seen with Black Widow, left teetering on uncertainty between a theatrical release or joining Disney's Mulan directly on Disney+.

The Marvel series and limited shows reserved for Disney+ remain unscathed, for now. That doesn't mean that things could change, especially for The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, which had its release date postponed once already. Production on the series was short-lived, consequentially losing a fair amount of filming time, and left the show unfinished.

It was rumored that the series was to resume filming and wrap in the fall, but now, suspicions have come to light. These speculations were supported furthermore when The Falcon and The Winter Soldier left its slated August release date vacant. It has also been rumored that cast will return to shooting location soon, but the cast has declined to comment.

It has been projected by The Ronin's Christopher Marc that the series will delay their release schedule until 2021. He credits his prediction to the cease in production and Disney prioritizing the lack of content in 2020 to propel their streaming service in 2021. At this rate, it would come to no surprise that the series would experience another postponement past its already-tardy August date.

If these rumors and predictions are to be true, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier will trail after the release of WandaVision, and will prohibit WandaVision to allude to the events of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier safely. It's been a barren year for Marvel fans, and there is no sign of when this drought will be quenched just yet.

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