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'The Exorcist' Reboot Trilogy Gives First Movie Release Date

Universal Pictures and Blumhouse have officially given the first movie to their reboot trilogy of The Exorcist a release date.

William Friedkin's The Exorcist (1973) is proudly referred to as the scariest movie ever made. Despite the attempts to match even an ounce of its horror, no possession film has dared to come close to what The Exorcist has achieved. The movie scored two Academy Awards and remains to be the only film of the horror genre to achieve Oscar-winning status. Blumhouse Productions will be the next contender to take the iconic piece into their own hands.

Universal Pictures and Peacock acquired the rights for a new trilogy inspired by The Exorcist in exchange for a $400 million payout. Instead of orbiting around the sequels that the original movie influenced, Blumhouse will create a direct sequel of the 1973 version. Ellen Burstyn will return to The Exorcist as she is to reprise her role. Hamilton's Leslie Odom Jr. will enter the horror scene directed by David Gordon Green (Halloween Kills). Burstyn has legitimized that she has been cast in the Blumhouse rendition of a spine-chilling classic, while former co-star Linda Blair, who was possessed in The Exorcist, said that she was not involved in any discussions around the reboot as of yet.

Universal Pictures issued a press release that announced that the first of the trilogy is to be given a wide theatrical release on October 13, 2023. The studio did not include any other following dates for the sister films, and no distribution plan has been formally announced for the sequels of the reboot. Scant details have been shared about what direction the upcoming trine may be headed in, and it's too early yet to cast any theories out without any support to fall back on. With an October 2023 release, horror fans and curious minds alike will have to be patient to see what Blumhouse can scare up.

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