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The Bob's Burgers Movie (2022) REVIEW - Flippin' Fun

The adult animated genre has watched itself spike in popularity across the past three decades and has effectively secured a niche audience. Popular titles have gained a broad following as they've aged, gaining their prominence through spunky humor and an impactful voice cast. Bob's Burgers has risen through the ranks and surpassed emerging mature cartoons and has been recognized alongside The Simpsons and Family Guy as a leader in the industry. Bob's Burgers has also been the latest in adult animation to be rewarded with a full-length feature film that keeps its quirky charm afloat.

Bob's Burgers is keen on dedicating time to each Belcher family member, and The Bob's Burgers Movie upholds their loyalty to not only creating parallel plotlines but allowing them to intersect with meaning. The hesitation around committing to a nearly two-hour run time accompanied by a cinematic budget circles questions around necessity, though The Bob's Burgers Movie is able to allocate its time to the best of its ability. There are a few musical numbers that feel a bit too drawn out and lose their theatrical luster before losing their appeal. What truly allows The Bob's Burgers Movie to leave a lasting impression is its genuine insistence on being good-natured. The film holds tightly onto its core value of family relationships.

The Bob's Burgers Movie is the Walt Disney Company's return to two-dimensional animation. Because of this, the creative team behind the film was given more opportunity to add depth and dimension to their existing art style. Animation quality throughout the film has been exponentially elevated when in comparison to the televised counterpart. The film itself does not stray too far away from its original formula, though the decision to remain close to the roots of the series enhances the translation into film form. For fans of Bob's Burgers, The Bob's Burgers Movie offers closure on some of the television show's running plot points. It presents itself in a way that is safely familiar without feeling the need to explore any new stylistic territory.

Signature humor and sharp one-liners do not outweigh the life lessons that suspend the heart of the film. Aside from the film's clever wit, The Bob's Burgers Movie makes room for the importance of incorporating dramatic themes into the greater narrative. The lively and carefree spirit that is instrumental to Bob's Burgers' success pairs well with emotional beats backed by a cinematic musical score. The Bob's Burgers Movie is a fun, easy, and effortlessly enjoyable watch that reiterates the importance of the Belcher family as a family unit. There is a reaffirmation that even if the cinematic adaptation of the series feels as if it's an extended episode, the movie is just as entertaining and endearing as its source material.

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