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The Analogue Pocket is a Gamer's Dream Come True

The competitive nature of gaming companies has spurred on many breakthroughs in the gaming industry and has introduced new breeds of gameplay, but nothing like this before.

The Analogue Pocket is the newest in handheld consoles, sporting the same look of a Game Boy while reimaging the reality of gaming from the palm of your hand.

Designed by Sony's PS4 concept artists, the Analogue Pocket will release in 2021 and possess the ability to run Game Boy cartridges as well as other cart-centric games. The return of cluster controls will be featured on the body of the console, and the home button will offer a pause, play, and "wake" options.

The screen will display a 1600x1440 resolution and offers high-speed refresh times. Users can also return to their roots and opt for an "Original Display" mode, which mimics the Game Boy's layout.

In addition to updated response time, the Pocket will come with a dock similar to the Nintendo Switch's that will allow consumers to hook their system up to their television via HDMI. Four controllers can be connected to the console by Bluetooth technology which will allow for broader gameplay per Pocket.

Analogue has also introduced new Analog and MDI cables, especially for their new Pocket. This will give those the chance to upload chiptunes to their Mac, PC, or any other form of music hardware. Nanoloop, a music production software, will be built into the console.

Retro-style gaming is another blockbuster appeal to the Pocket through 'drag and drop' applications. This will allow for seamless transfers from SD card to the system.

If you're considering cashing out for a PS5 or any other system but are fond of the Game Boy design on digital steroids, the Analogue Pocket's release is right around the corner. Presales will launch on August 3 straight from Analogue, and the Pocket is a fairly-priced $199 USD. The console will ship out May 2021.

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