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'Tenet' Proceeds with International and U.S. Release Dates

The exalted director Christopher Nolan's stubbornness persists as Tenet white-knuckles its precious 2020 release dates, and they're apprehensively close to them.

The simply confusing Nolan film will release internationally before the U.S theatrical run, which was postponed a handful of times and was originally reserved July for its grand, sought-after release. Warner Brothers Studios had pulled Tenet away from its second chance to be released on August 12, wanting to reconsider the ramifications and the consequences of releasing a film during COVID-19 in theaters.

It's said that third time is the charm, and that's exactly what Nolan is crossing his fingers over. His next feature will hit an overseas audience first before it enters the United States' theaters. Warner Bros.' new plan aims to dance around increasing spikes in large cities such as Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles. They, in an effort to face the social-distancing route head-on, will space out their screenings per location.

Tenet will see itself in theaters in 70+ countries, including many large European countries and Canada on August 16. "Select cities" across the U.S. will have their turn on Sept. 4.

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