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'Stranger Things' Star Teases Long-Kept Secret to be Revealed

Stranger Things reignited the affection that swarmed around the '80s through a supernatural thriller that took Netflix by storm. The show is preparing to release its fourth season, and with it, comes the answers to the cliffhanger that left fans wanting to know the answers to the age-old question: what just happened?

The fan-favourite Chief Jim Hopper (David Harbour) seemed to survive his apparent death in Season 3 and is seen imprisoned in a frosty gulag. The teaser trailer may have given this important plot piece away, but continues to keep its greatest secrets under wraps. Season 4 will reveal a "very big" secret that Harbour has kept quiet about for the past five years.

"There's some fun stuff that we're doing this season, but it's also the heaviest dramatic stuff I've ever had to do," Harbour told Entertainment Tonight. "We get to see a lot of Hopper at his most vulnerable, we're gonna reveal a lot of backstory points that we've only hinted at in boxes in his attic. We're gonna see a lot of these different threads, and also, we get to see a rebirth of him."

Hopper's dramatic change has been described as him "re-emerging as a different human being." After struggling to raise his adopted teenage daughter, Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) and balancing his own life, Season 4 promises to plunge more into the transformation of the Hawkins, Ind., police chief.

"In that way, he has this vulnerability to him, and also this brutality that he needs to survive Russia," Harbour said. "We get to see this whole other side of him and it's some of my favourite stuff." There is the reiteration that a vital, yet untouched, part of Hopper's past will play an important part in Season 4. It's been reported that Harbour has been well aware of this pivotal part of Hopper's backstory and has been holding onto it since the show's initial season in 2016.

"There's one thing in it that plays very big in this season that I've known since the first frame of the first season. Me and [series creators] the Duffers would sit around and speculate, 'Oh, wouldn't this be cool?' the minute we started shooting," Harbour teased. "We never thought we'd even get a second season, and then we get to do it in this season. It's so satisfying to have had an idea five years prior, and to go like, 'Oh, this is a season when we're gonna let out this secret that we were using just as a subtle thing to inform something.' We're gonna lay it out finally, and it's really cool."

The first three seasons of Stranger Things are available to stream on Netflix. No official release date for Season 4 has been announced.

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