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'Stranger Things': Season 4 Teaser and Premiere

After a year of silence, we finally have news about Stranger Things Season 4 in the form of a new teaser trailer and release date (well, a release year anyway).

If you were hoping to see the 4th Season of the Netflix hit show, Stranger Things, this year, well... we're sorry to report, you're going to have to wait just a bit longer.

In a newly released teaser trailer, it was announced that the new season will not hit the streamer until 2022, but before you get too sad, at least we can bask in this fast paced, action packed new trailer for season 4.

The 30 second promo shows clips from the first 3 seasons as well as some new scenes from the upcoming season 4. The teaser also will air tonight during NBC’s Tokyo Olympics coverage.


A month after Stranger Things started production on Season 4 in February 2020, it was suspended due to the escalating coronavirus pandemic. It resumed last September.

Chuck Load of Comics sat down with Stranger Things star, David Harbour, last summer to discuss the production and the COVID shutdown.


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