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'Star Wars: Rogue Squadron' Almost Has Complete Story

Following the Rebel Alliance fleet, this starfighter-centric Star Wars installation still hasn't hinted at a plot since its announcement. Not only is the plot kept under wraps, but director Patty Jenkins teases that the story treatment is 'almost complete.'

Known for her Wonder Woman fame, Jenkins will be the first woman to direct a Star Wars movie, and her debut feature based in a galaxy far, far away will be the first theatrically released Star Wars film since Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (2019). There's scarcity surrounding the details of Star Wars: Rogue Squadron, though Jenkins had indulged one other person about her intergalactic cinematic take.

Actor Chris Pine had said that Jenkins had shared the plot of her movie with him and that he's excited to see what she will bring to Star Wars. There's still the possibility that Rogue Squadron could act as a sequel to Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016), and Jenkins could follow up the prequel, furthering the continuum of a post-Disney Star Wars era.

Though the director has been tight-lipped on the plot, she has opened up to Collider to share that the story treatment of the film is almost complete, which means that the writing of the screenplay is in its final stages. However, Jenkins has not yet announced who would be penning Rogue Squadron.

Collider: I know you have to be careful about talking about that, but can you tell people where you are in the writing process and who's actually writing the screenplay [for Rogue Squadron]?

Jenkins: I want him to have his own proper announcement, so I'm going to wait until that comes out, but we're very far into the, we're finishing the treatment basically, which is pretty big. So it ends up being like where you're fairly close to a screen, a well-along screenplay by the time I'm done with the treatment in my process. So yeah, we've been working on it for a while. It's going great. I'm super excited about it.

The movie is nearly three years away, meaning that Jenkins and her writing partner have plenty of time to polish the film before entering production. While Star Wars' cinematic reputation has divided a fanbase with their sequel trilogy, it seems that Disney and Lucasfilm are using Star Wars: Rogue Squadron as a clean slate used to revitalize a franchise that has been on the up and up since the Mandalorian took streaming by storm.

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