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Star Wars Celebration Announces First Guests for 2022 Return

A three-year hiatus could stifle the anxiously-awaited return of Star Wars Celebration as it prepares to once again gather Star Wars fans around the world. The convention was last held in Chicago, Illinois prior to the COVID-19 pandemic where it showcased the highlight of Lucasfilms' exciting, upcoming installments into the Star Wars brand. Star Wars Celebration brings thrilling announcements to its bi-yearly events, though before they can share their plans with the rest of the world, they first unveil their guest list.

The first three major guests who will appear at Star Wars Celebration double as the foundation of a typically-impressive roster of talent. They often indicate that the following announcements are linked to their specific involvement or tease at other cast members from Star Wars media joining them at the event.

Anthony Daniels

Anthony Daniels, the most iconic face of human-cyborg relations, has become nearly synonymous with his role of C-3PO throughout the extent of the Star Wars canon. It wasn't before he was first presented the script for The Star Wars that Daniels had viewed himself becoming so heavily incorporated in the world of science fiction. He balanced his appearances as the droid in all ten Star Wars films with his performances on the stage and other on-screen work. Daniels became heavily involved in the world of entertainment outside of a galaxy far, far away. He was featured as a tap dancer on The Muppets Show and later frequented Sesame Street. He campaigned in favor of vaccines against polio and measles and carried over his activism for public health through his anti-smoking advertisements. He lent his voice to a series of Star Wars animated media and later went on to chronicle his time as C-3PO in his memoir I Am C-3PO - The Inside Story which

featured a forward by J.J. Abrams. Daniels will be attending Star Wars Celebration for all four days, where he will be available for autographs and photo ops.

Ian McDiarmid

Somehow, Palpatine has returned to Star Wars Celebration. The multi-award-winning Ian McDiarmid has loomed over the Star Wars franchise as Sith Lord Sheev Palpatine throughout the extent of the brand's history, though he has taken to the stage as a headlining cast member in What Shadows. His career stretches over performances in the West End of London and on Broadway. McDiarmid was an establishing force behind the reputation of the Almeida Theater in London where he served as an Artistic Director. He will appear at Star Wars Celebration throughout the entire convention and will host sessions for photograph and autograph opportunities.

Ashley Eckstein

Ashley Eckstein has solidified herself as a multi-faceted public figure across a variety of media. While she is most recognized as the voice talent behind Ahsoka Tano, Eckstein was determined to stand out as a leader for women in pop culture and entertainment media. She was named as one of CNET's Women Who Inspire and has made waves around her personal mission to pave the way for femininity in fandom. Her outspokenness has been highlighted in and on The New York Times, CNN, Entertainment Weekly, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and Los Angeles Times, Eckstein launched the fan-centric fashion brand Her Universe in 2010, which featured trendy clothing lines inspired by prominent brands in entertainment. Acknowledged by Good Housekeeping on their list of 25 Awesome Women, Eckstein has authored books that share encouraging messages about setting goals and achieving them. She will be available for photographs and autographs on all four days of Star Wars Celebration.

Star Wars Celebration will be held at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California from May 26th to May 29th, 2022. Single-day and multi-day tickets for the convention can be purchased here.

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