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SPOILER: Leaked Look at Evan Peters in 'WandaVision'

WandaVision (2021-) sets the tone for Marvel and Disney+'s television shows moving forward, encouraging audiences around the world to expect the unexpected, assuring that anything is possible. Just as there are new faces in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there are also surprising guest stars.

Confirming extremely heavy fan speculation that actor Evan Peters, known for his role of Peter "Quicksilver" Maximoff in the FOX X-Men Universe would somehow break into the MCU, YouTube account Marvel Leaks 616 posted a short clip that not only features Peters, who looks to be in Quicksilver attire, but out-of-context spoilers for the pair of protagonists Wanda "Scarlet Witch" Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) and Vision (Paul Bettany)'s fates.

Spoiler warning: the clip below contains explicit spoilers for WandaVision.

Despite the name-dropping of his character early on within the series, former Quicksilver actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson has made it clear that he will not be returning to the role, and Peters' actual role has been kept under wraps. From the leak above, it seems as if Peters will make his MCU debut during the Halloween-themed episode of the superhero sitcom. Whether Peters' character is real or another illusion, one thing about WandaVision has been made clear: everything is not what it seems.

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