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'Skull Island' Anime Series Announced

Though two of the most iconic monsters in media may be preparing to go toe-to-toe in Godzilla vs. Kong (2021), Legendary is looking to expand their MonsterVerse across a variety of platforms.

Netflix has announced Skull Island, a new anime series that will take place in the Legend MonsterVerse. Detailed in a Tweet by Netflix, the series will feature a shipwrecked crew taking refuge on an island teeming with monsters, where one king rules them all. It's likely that the 'king' will be King Kong, as Skull Island is his home. The series will be produced by Powerhouse Animation, the studio responsible for other Netflix original anime such as Castlevania (2017-) and Blood of Zeus (2020-).

Skull Island has been famous throughout the ages of film, starting with King Kong (1933) and most recently in Kong: Skull Island (2017), where it has been claimed by Legend's MonsterVerse. As the Skull Island anime is to incorporate into the MonsterVerse moving forward, it seems that Kong's home is a solid place to start.

There has been no art, release date, or any other information surrounding the freshly announced series, but the means of expanding the MonsterVerse in other forms of entertainment is a promising take.

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