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'Secret Invasion' Set Photos Show Famous Russian Location

The first set photos from the new Marvel Disney+ series, Secret Invasion, have leaked on Instagram showing a Russian celebration in what appears to be the famous Red Square.

The photos appeared on Instagram, the Atlanta Filming account, and show new photos from behind-the-scenes of Secret Invasion, revealing one of the show's major locations, Moscow's famous Red Square, which is located within the Kremlin's eastern walls in Moscow.

And if you don't speak Russian, fans of the page have revealed what the verbiage says in the signage. The banners and signs read, "National Unity Day" and "Traditional costumes on the Red Square".


Secret Invasion drops on Disney+ later in 2022 and stars Olivia Colman, Emilia Clarke, Samuel L. Jackson and Ben Mendelsohn.

The official plot synopsis for Secret Invasion states, "Fury and Talos try to stop the Skrulls who have infiltrated the highest spheres of the Marvel Universe."


What do you think about these photos? Are you excited for Secret Invasion? Sound off in the comments section.


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