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Sar Wars 'Visions' Is Like Nothing You've Ever Seen (TRAILER)

The first full length trailer for the new Disney+ series, Star Wars Visions, has dropped online and is leaving fans speechless.

The new series, which premieres on Disney+ on September 22, is one part Star Wars and about 10 parts Manga. It features anime style renditions of some of the most popular Star Wars characters and imagery like a Kung-Fu master Emperor and Samaria-style lightsabers.

This amazing trailer is available to watch on the Star Wars YouTube channel in both its original Japanese, and in English dub form, which you can view below.

The series will feature 9 separate animated shorts from 7 different animation studios, so expect a lot of diversity in style and content.

Also, Disney announced that the English dub version of the series will feature voice over work by some real heavy hitters like Alison Brie, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, David Harbour, Neil Patrick Harris, Lucy Liu, and Temuera Morrison (who is reprising his role as Boba Fett).

And if you are a purest, Disney revealed that you will be able to watch the series in English or in its original Japanese with subtitles.


Sound off in the comments and let us know what you think about this new trailer and if you're excited for Star Wars Visions on September 22.


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