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'Rick and Morty' Kills Pop Culture Icons in Latest Episode

The science-fiction satire cartoon, Rick and Morty, took off during its release in 2013. With a dedicated and proud following, the series has struck the middle of its fifth season, and in it, takes down popular figures in the world of entertainment.

The dark-humored Adult Swim series has been one of the network's most odd additions to their collection of titles yet. After an extremely peculiar fourth episode of Season 5 that was described as "disgusting and tasteless," pressure was set on the show to one-up its bizarre nature. Episode 5 of Season 5, titled "Amortycan Grickfitti," presented a number of memorable moments to an expectant crowd. Nick Valdez captured the episode's highlights for, featured in his following summaries.

  • "Rick reveals that he and Jerry will be going on a "Guys Night" much to the chagrin of Beth while she takes care of a horse hospital emergency. Meanwhile, Morty and Summer decide to work together to impress the new transfer student hanging out with Morty, Bruce Chutback, before he finds out they're losers. As for Jerry, it's revealed that Rick is only using his lameness to fulfill a debt with Cenobites that feed off of that awkwardness and suffering.

  • Bruce Chutback arrives and gets a hilarious intro due to how he's yet to do anything to embarrass himself. Morty tries to show him Interdimensional Cable, but he's only impressed by Rick's spaceship so Morty and Summer are trying their best to keep him interested but the ship refuses to cooperate without Rick present. They tell the ship Rick's in trouble and goes offline and they go off on a joyride.

  • Meanwhile, Jerry is doing karaoke while Morty and Summer take Chutback on a joyride. Beth arrives to interrupt the guys' night and insults the Cenobites, and she ends up drinking the essence of hell of the cenobites. Meanwhile, the car figures out Morty and Summer have lied to it and blackmails them to go and do what it wants which includes killing a version of Marvel's Galactus and flirting with "Changeformers," a parody of Transformers.

  • The car and Bruce Chutback begin to bond with one another and the car decides to keep their secret if they all help it lose its virginity. Meanwhile, Jerry overhears how the Cenobites are ridiculing him while his suffering had gotten more prominent thanks to Beth. Meanwhile, Rick's car makes itself a Changeformer as well and approaches the others from before but it fails to bond with them when they find out she's not one of them.

  • Rick's car then burns all of them alive. Meanwhile, Jerry is fighting back against the Cenobites and soon they decide to take matters into their own hands and kidnap Jerry to take him to Hell because Beth ruined his flavor. After this, Rick and Beth sneak into Hell and disguise themselves as Cenobites but it's revealed that Beth and Rick were actually their true goal.

  • The Cenobites then explain that Beth and Rick thinking they're so cool is what makes them so lame, and thus more desirable to them. Meanwhile, Morty and Summer decide to pin it all on Bruce Chutback when they are captured after the car's joyride, but soon the car decides to save them and blow up everything anyway.

  • Meanwhile, Rick decides to kill the Cenobites with pure sincerity and then apologizes to Jerry for tricking him in the first place. This ends up working and filling a minigun allowing Rick to kill all of the Cenobites with positive energy. Rick then apologies to Jerry once more, and they head back home. Meanwhile, the car is still destroying things in space, and Morty, Bruce, and Summer soon make their way home before Rick, Jerry, and Beth do.

  • Although they get away with everything, Bruce Chutback decides to just be on his own and figure out the school hierarchy before making a commitment. So all of Morty and Summer's adventures with the car to impress him were ultimately for nothing. Chutback ends up being made fun of the next day for wearing the same pants a second day in the row," Valdez said in his article that detailed "Amortycan Grickfitti."

Rick and Morty won't slow down after Season 5. Time Warner Broadcasting and Adult Swim ordered a 70-episode renewal of the adult cartoon, which could potentially allow the series to hit 10 seasons. At the moment, the show is still making its way through its fifth season via Adult Swim while looking forward to more to come.

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