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Ray Fisher Reportedly Written Out of 'The Flash'

Actor Ray Fisher has been vocal about the mistreat and abuse that he had faced from his time working with Warner Bros. under the presidency of Walter Hamada; so much so that he vowed to abstain from appearing in DC Films while Hamada has control.

Fisher will no longer be reprising his role as Cyborg in Andy Muschietti's The Flash (2022) after it has been reported that Fisher and his character have been written out of the film's screenplay, The Wrap said. Fisher was no stranger to openly speaking up about his treatment from director Joss Whedon during the Justice League reshoots and had shed light on the lack of action that Warner Bros. had taken amid the outcry. Warner Bros. claimed they had investigated Fisher's claims, but the consequences still remain unclear.

A week after Fisher made it clear that he would not work for DC Films while Hamada heads the company, the news of Cyborg being excluded from The Flash had surfaced. There has been no further action to recast the character for further involvement.

“Walter Hamada is the most dangerous kind of enabler," Fisher said from his Twitter account, "His lies, and WB PR’s failed Sept 4th hit-piece, sought to undermine the very real issues of the ‘Justice League’ investigation. I will not participate in any production associated with him.”

It was announced by Warner Bros. on January 5 that Hamada's contract has been extended into 2023. Warner Bros. Picture Group chairman Toby Emmerich said that "Hamada is not only passionate about story and the DC canon, [but] he’s also a thoughtful and incredibly talented executive who is fully committed to investing the time and care necessary for moviemaking on this scale.” Emmerich also added, "With [Hamada] overseeing our DC movies for theatrical exhibition and on HBO Max, we are excited for him and his team to bring more of these stories to life, working with new and established talent to broaden the reach and diversity of the DC cinematic universe."

Fisher's future as Cyborg has been questioned since July 2020 when the actor first broke the ice and started the conversation about Whedon's behavior on set, and the actor's role will not be recast, and The Flash, with Ezra Miller as the titular speedster, is still on the way for 2022.

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