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Ray Fisher Confirms 'The Flash' Exit, Walter Hamada Allegations

The ongoing back-and-forth between actor Ray Fisher and Warner Bro. may have hit its end after months of continuous conflict between the two

It was recently noted that Fisher, who played Victor "Cyborg" Stone in Justice League (2017) was dropped from The Flash (2022) with Warner Bros. having no intention to recast Fisher or the character. Fisher made it clear that he would refuse to work on any project where DC President of Films Walter Hamada was involved in the company.

The actor took to Twitter to confirm that the rumors are true and that he'd no longer be involved with The Flash and then goes into details revolving around the reshoots of Justice League.

Geoff Johns, Jon Berg, Joss Whedon, and Hamada are individually noted by name in Fisher's essay, where their behavior towards the actor is put into detail, including "blatant racism" earlier on in the open letter and the acts of "abuse, racism, and discrimination." Fisher deems Hamada "unfit for a position of leadership" and that he is "willing, at [a] point, to submit to a polygraph test to support my claims again him." Hamada is also accused of attempting to cover up the issues in which Fisher calls attention to, and "despite Walter's best efforts, the Justice League investigation was able to expose the racist, coercive, discriminatory, and retaliatory behavior of Geoff Johns during his tenure at WarnerMedia. It has also lead to the more immediate parting ways of WarnerMedia and Joss Whedon."

The former Cyborg actor continued on, saying that he "doesn't know how many instances of workplace abuse Water has attempted to cover in the past, but hopefully, the Justice League investigation will be last."

Fisher concluded his Tweet with "if the end of my time as Cyborg is the cost for helping bring awareness and accountability to Walter Hamada's actions–I'll pay it gladly." WarnerMedia has not yet responded to the Tweet, and their most recent statement regarding the situation was that it was "time to move on."

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