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Podcasters Take Center Stage at Fan Expo Events All Over The Country

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

Fan Expo is shining the spotlight on content creators for the first time and they want YouTubers and Podcasters from all over the country to take center stage.

The recent pandemic has seen a major uptick in the content creator community. With new and exciting podcasts and YouTube channels appearing on the scene at an ever expanding rate, one fan event is taking notice and bringing the region's best and brightest to the stage all over the country.

Fan Expo, a comic convention "for fans, by fans", is rolling out its PODCAST CREATOR STAGE at all of its upcoming 2022 shows and has plans to take the concept to many of its local conventions throughout 2023 and beyond.


About Fan Expo:

"An expert team of passionate fans providing non-stop content on everything from the latest in TV and film to anime and comics. Together, the team spends their days dreaming up new concepts for shows across North America, nerding out with fellow fans online, and curating the best geeky merch for their online store, Shop FAN EXPO."


The show floor attraction has already appeared at Fan Expo Philadelphia, Chicago, Dallas, Denver and Orlando's Megacon, but podcasters can expect the stage to make its way to other cities year round.

Content Creators interested in being a part of the Creator Stage when Fan Expo comes to their town should visit


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