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'Picard' Season 2 Pushed Into March

The much anticipated, and long delayed Season 2 of the hit Paramount+ series, Star Trek: Picard, has been moved from its original premiere date in February to Thursday, March 3.

On Tuesday, January 18, Paramount+ announced to fans that Star Trek: Picard will return to the small screen Thursday, March 3 with weekly episodes every Thursday on the streaming platform. This goes against their original announcement and marketing that said the show would return in February.

In another announcement, Paramount announced that production is already underway for the third season of Picard, so its likely fans won't have long to wait the next go round.

The plot of season 2 follows the thrilling first season as Jean-Luc Picard and his crew return for an all new adventure, but the real twist being the return of The Next Generation's "Q" in a large role. Q, Picard's long time thorn in his side, apparently has a new test for Jean-Luc and will see our captain grappling with alternate realities and time travel as he and his crew work to fix their present.

So, set your phasers to watch (can you set a phaser to watch?) on March 3rd on Paramount+, and if you haven't boldly ventured into the world of Picard Season 1, you can beam the entire season into your living room now on the streamer.


Are you excited about season 2 of Picard? Sound off in the comment section and let us know your thoughts.

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