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'Psycho Goreman' Director Teases More To Come

Following the release of PG: Psycho Goreman (2020), writer-director Steven Kostanski is already anticipating more of the series to follow.

Its Shudder release took the horror community by storm and drew in a cult following. Praised by critics and instantly beloved by horror fanatics, PG: Psycho Goreman has the potential to grow as a franchise and to continue as a fresh new face in the niche world of comedic horrors. During an interview for Mid May Massacre, a two-day online celebration of horror and thrillers across multimedia entertainment, the cast and crew of PG: Psycho Goreman hinted that there was more PG: Psycho Goreman currently being developed.


When the writer-director and the headlining stars of the film were asked about the expansion of the PG: Psycho Goreman cinematic universe, Nita-Josee Hanna and Owen Myre were enthusiastic about their return for potential sequels. "Okay, well, they're on board," Kostanski said while seemingly affirming more PG, "Something will have to happen. I can't get into specifics." Myre chimes in by adding that more to come would be "very cool," tossing out more ideas for his character, Luke, teasing that he should become stronger.

"You and I will have to talk," Kostanski said to Myre, "I have some ideas for Luke. But yes, there's stuff in the works. I'm not going to say what. I'm literally working on it right in between doing stuff like [appearing at Mid May Massacre]. I want more PG stuff just like everybody else. Things are in the works, can't say what, but there will be something."

(see what director Stephen Kostanski said about a sequel at the 39:20 mark of this video)

While it's been confirmed by Kostanski and his pair of lead actors confirmed that fans can look forward to more of PG: Psycho Goreman, which has been implied that could arc itself much like the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there have been no concrete dates as to when these next installations may be on their way, narrowing it down to a matter of time. PG: Psycho Goreman can be streamed through Shudder here, and the entire Mid May Massacre interview with the cast and crew can be found here.

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