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'Percy Jackson' Creator Says Meeting with Disney was "Positive"

Percy Jackson and the Olympians triumphed as a young adult novel series that played with Greek mythology for the modern age. Author Rick Riordan continues to be praised for his Percy Jackson novels along with other works based on other mythologies. Percy Jackson's two cinematic adaptations failed to meet the merit of their source material, but an upcoming series may retcon the 2010s movies.

"We had a very positive conversation yesterday (Friday, Aug. 20) with the top executives at the various branches of the Disney television organization: Disney Entertainment, Disney TV, 20th Century Studios, and Disney+," Riordan wrote on his website when providing updates around the show. "The good news is: the leadership is 'all in,' as they put it, about making this show and doing it right. A lot of them have kids who have grown up with Percy Jackson, too, so they get it."

The author also disclosed that this was the first time that he had met with executive representatives from Disney Entertainment, 20th Century Studios, Disney+, and Disney TV, who had all gathered in the same Zoom meeting at once. The meeting helped "align" their visions" and resolved "a lot of confusion."

The series has yet to actually be confirmed for production and still awaits its studio approval to proceed with pre-production. "We still do not have an official green light," Riordan said. He and his team received "clear marching orders about what the execs need to see from us in order to grant that green light." The author clarified that fans shouldn't be alarmed and that a specific response was expected.

According to Riordan, the first season has been sketched out "episode by episode, scene by scene." Now that the first season has been given its foundation, the scripts have yet to be finalized. Creature production design still has yet to be begun, and between the next two steps, the process could take months.

There was the estimation that Percy Jackson would premier in 2022, but these updates may bump back the official release date once it's been assigned. It is now speculated by Riordan that the series could join Disney+'s 2023 slate. "...this is my own personal estimate and should not be taken as a firm date," he clarified in his update. If Percy Jackson is granted a green light, it will join the ranks as a Disney+ original series, and hopefully, delight Camp Half-Blood fans who have patiently awaited the show.

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