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'Ozark' Final Season: Release Date and Teaser Trailer

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

Netflix is wasting no time rolling out its final episodes for the final season of the hit show, Ozark.

In an announcement made Wednesday, Netflix revealed that the last seven episodes of the fan favorite series, Ozark, will hit the streamer on April 29.

Sadly, these will be the final episodes of the series as it finishes up its 4 season run as one of Netflix's most popular shows.

Also released was a short teaser trailer announcing the final episodes. The trailer features scenes from the last seven episodes of the show and is focused solely on one of the show's most important characters, Ruth Langmore.

In the trailer, we hear Ruth quoting the letter that her brother wrote to get into college describing what it means to be born a Langmore.

While we don't see very much new footage in the trailer, it certainly appears that the focus of the final episodes will be on Ruth and her plans to finally put an end to the Byrde family as she sees them as something that must stop in the town of the Ozarks.

Fans also got a look at the new poster art for the final season with the tag line, "The Final Episodes, April 29".


So what do you think about the Ozark return to Netflix for its final seven episodes? What did you think about the trailer? Sound off in the comments section and let us know what you think.

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