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Norwegian Cosplay Startup Introduces New Ear Accessories

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

After breaking into the cosplay scene in December 2019, Cosgear introduced revolutionary new tech wear to the cosplay community. Now, they're expanding on their electronic wear by developing Cosears.

Based out of Oslo, Norway, Cosgear is a self-proclaimed problem-solver for the costume community, wanting to meet the demands of those in the world of cosplay that set out to perfect every single one of their looks. The company is comprised of core of seven members that value creativity and quality in their products, and intend on bringing the most innovative ornamentation to cosplay of all sizes. They pride themselves on being completely hassle-free.

The company has been regarded for the excitement around their Costails and magnetic headband pieces for cosplay in the past, but now challenges themselves to push forward to nurture more creativity with their electronic, responsive ears. These ears have five different modes and move based on automatic patterns, sound, and head movement.

Ears are fastened to two choices of headbands by magnetic pull. Softer headbands are suggested to be worn under wigs, which will seamlessly lock the Cosears into place. The hard, metal headband is recommended to be worn on its own. Ears come with interchangeable covers to fit into any cosplay while concealing the battery and sensory units. Cosgear builds their product to last, as their ears are rechargeable and can be charged through a power bank or through mobile phone chargers.

"The cosplay community has been clear that moving ears have been high on their wish list for years, so once we had the time and resources we knew that we had to develop them. We've worked together with cosplayers and feel that we've made a product that’s easy to implement into any cosplay and bring it to life," Cosgear co-founder and Marketing Guy

Vetle Øien said.

The third product release from Cosgear reminds the company of its mission: to create high-end quality technological solutions that improve and heighten the cosplay experience. With a strong customer focus and an in-house engineering department, [they] aim to create and lead the cosplay tech market. They pinpoint that their long-term goal is to continue developing products and services that serve the cosplay community and help bring more people happiness through creation.

"We're in this for the long run. We have fallen in love with the cosplay community and hope to keep trying to both solve problems for them while also creating innovations that heighten the cosplay experience", Øien said. "We wouldn't exist if it weren't for the openness and support of the community. We have worked with cosplayers to build all our products, to make sure we take into account every part of their process."

Cosears will be available for pre-order here on June 15, 2021, and will launch at a discount of $99.00 USD.

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