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Norman Reedus Could Be Our Next Ghost Rider

Walking Dead star, Norman Reedus, expresses serious interest in playing the Marvel character Ghost Rider in the MCU and we have a first look at what that might look like.

The character of Ghost Rider first hit the big screen in 2007 with Nicholas Cage’s portrayal of the hell-fire wielding superhero and was later portrayed by Gabriel Luna as the second rider, Robbie Reyes in Marvels Agents of Shield.

About 4 days ago, in an interview with, Walking Dead star, Norman Reedus, commented on his extreme interest in reviving the Johnny Blaze character, Ghost Rider in the MCU.

When asked about the character, Reedus said, “It would be "so fun" to play Johnny Blaze and the fiery antihero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.” Reedus says the conversation of who should play Ghost Rider next "has been coming up for years," and he wants "them to put [him] in it."


So amidst this news, fan artist Mizuriau took to Instagram to share a new piece of fan art showing what The Walking Dead star could look like as Ghost Rider. Utilizing one of the stills of Reedus' Daryl from the series, the art sees half of his face on fire and a charred skull making its way out.

The casting, in my opinion, would be perfect as Reedus is an avid bike rider, and has his own motorcycle show on AMC called Ride: with Norman Reedus. So the idea of him playing a motorcycle stunt driver turned hell-riding-superhero makes perfect sense.


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