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New X-Men Animated Series Announces 2023 Release

One of the most beloved Marvel animated franchise in fandom history is undoubtedly The X-Men Animated Series which ran from 1992 to 1997 on FOX. Well, Disney announced last year that the series will be making a comeback.

In a report from series producers, Eric and Julia Lewald, the first season will include ten episodes and plans to hit screens somewhere within the Summer of 2023.

In a report from, Eric Lewald explained that the plan for the revival is to act as an extension of X-Men: The Animated Series, continuing with some of the plots from the animated show. The series will also have most of the surviving cast members return to reprise their roles.

The original X-Men Animated Series followed the 90's comic book with Professor Charles Xavier and his team of X-Men fighting Magneto, and a cadre of X-Villains including Sabretooth, Juggernaut, Mr. Sinister, Apocalypse and many more over its 5 year run.

It was also revealed that this new series, which is titled X-Men '97, will not pick up where the last series left off, but will act as a revival of the original series.


What do you think about this announcement? Does this 2023 release window move your nerd needle? Sound off in the comments section and let us know.

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