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New Todd McFarlane Documentary

Acclaimed comic artist and creator of Spawn, the Todd McFarlane documentary Like Hell I Won’t is set to release on July 25.

The name Todd McFarlane is quite recognizable. Remember him? Famed comic book artist, who revolutionized the way comics were drawn? Maybe his work from Image Comic series Spawn or his iconic run on The Incredible Hulk or the ‘90s series (simply titled) Spider-Man during his tenure at Marvel? Needless to say, McFarlane is a comic book legend and, as such, he’s getting a documentary all about who he is and how he broke the mold in the comics industry.

Airing July 25 on SYFY at 10pm CT, Like Hell I Won’t secures its focal point on McFarlane “at the beginning of his career, was turned away by numerous comic publications,” Deadline said, “[McFarlane] decided that since no one was recognizing his talent, he would take matters in his own hands. The [documentary] provides an in-depth view behind the mastermind that brought us Spawn and some of Marvel Comic’s most well-known artwork... It paints a portrait of his struggles to navigate and upend the status quo in the comic and toy industries.”

The trailer for the documentary is available on YouTube and showcases short featurettes from the documentary such as Todd remembering his time at Marvel. While working on Hulk and Spider-Man he was constantly told “you can’t, you can’t” about “panels that overlap” and “appendages coming out” to which McFarlane responds, “break the rules and make it look cool.” The documentary then is keen to comment on the artist's decision to leave Marvel and create his own comic company with his own comic characters, stating, “If nobody’s going to do it for me, I’m going to do it myself.”

The trailer emphasizes that McFarlane all about pushing boundaries and innovation in both toys and comics, alike. Based on that short trailer, it seems this documentary is going to be a very intriguing look into the mind of one of comics' most innovative artists. Like Hell I Won’t also be available on, Syfy’s YouTube page, and on-demand July 25.

By Nicholas James

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