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New 'Justice League' Images Tease Major Deaths

If there's anything that can demonstrate the power of passionate fan power, it's the release of the Snyder Cut - Zack Snyder's uninterrupted, completed version of Justice League. After three years of campaigning for the coveted cut, HBO Max will meet demands and release the movie in 2021.

Now that the Snyder Cut is becoming a reality for the die-hard DC fans, they have been vigilante about pulling apart any form of media that they can get their hands on, ravaging for clues. The first trailer set Darkseid in position for his place in the movie, and now, there's, even more, to unpack in a new trailer.

A singular shot of Ezra Miller as Barry "Flash" Allen moving at superspeed alludes to death to come, deepening the possible truth behind the rumors and the suppositions. Justice League's third act will pin the team against Steppenwolf while he attempts to unify the three Mother Boxes. The conclusion to their final battle is to receive an alternate ending, possibly with Wonder Woman beheading Steppenwolf, but the victory over Darkseid may pan out as a wildcard.

Snyder's released image of Flash's third-act dash tracks back to the new teaser, where time-travel is ponderously up-played. Rumors have been afloat that Steppenwolf's draconian and vicious attack over the Justice League will kill them during their final battle. Our heroes won't stay dead for long, as Flash rewinds the clock for a second chance at triumph.

The Snyder Cut may not sacrifice any members of the team just yet, it does set up deaths of supporting roles, including the loss of Cyborg's father, Silas Stone. Snyder has provided stills from Stone's death, which has come as a shock to those who haven't been as consistent on keeping up with teasers. Ultimately, this death will make a full-circle journey and connect itself to the Justice League's fight with Steppenwolf. The death of Stone and Cyborg's emotional response could alter the use of the Mother Box and the timing of Superman's resurrection. These events could scatter the chronological sequencing of the new Justice League.

Though there won't be any permanent big-name loss in the Snyder Cut, these deaths may still be seen. Flash's significant scene will bring back beloved heroes and allow his time-traveling adventure to pave the way for future roles in the DCEU. The first real trailer is on the way, which will provide even more pieces to an ongoing puzzle.

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