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New Deadpool Collectable: Ahead of the Curve or Just a Head?

Have you heard of the new Premium Deadpool Head? Hasbro’s Marvel Legends line recently released an animatronic neck-up bust of the hilarious comic book character: Deadpool. He talks, he moves, and he’s available for purchase!

While his body isn’t included, Amazon describes the chatty head of Wade Wilson as a “premium interactive, moving, talking electronic, app-enhanced adult collectible” that is sure to give you hours of unparalleled entertainment. “Have you ever wanted to own a piece of me, Deadpool? Now you can, you lucky stiff. This Marvel Legends Deadpool’s Head is your ticket to nerd supremacy.” Some of the features include, but are not limited to:

-Motors and sensors for facial expressions, including in his eyes, neck, and jaw

-Over 600 sounds and phrases (currently in English only)

-A free app that’ll enhance your experience with more phrases and topics for Deadpool to babble about

The “Merc With A Mouth” will respond if you lift him up, shake him, and when you talk to him, too! He can “make references to other X-Men characters and the rest of the Deadpool universe,” according to a Marvel Entertainment interview. He’s as talkative as ever but he becomes all the more communicative when you use the free app! Let’s dive a bit deeper into what’s on the respected app: there’s greetings, insults, pranks, threats, jokes, and you can also make Deadpool talk about the news, food, and selfies just to scratch the surface. There’s plenty more this gabby head could speak on and on about but, we ask, where can we buy this delightful product?

Amazon, Hasbropulse, BigBadToyStore, and a promising variety of nerdy goods retailers have the head available for purchase priced at $99.99. Which - at first glance - might seem a bit steep. After weighing how interactive and fun this item would be, and how many hours of joy it will surely bring to our lives, $99.99 could be seen as a complete steal! What do you think? Does it sound entertaining, hilarious, and worth the price? Let us know in the comments!

By Nicholas James

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