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Nearly Half of DC Movies Set to Leave HBO Max in July 2020

Although the HBO Max streaming service is still in its first few weeks of life, WarnerMedia is not shying away from limiting its library for subscribers right off of the bat. Come July 2020, an alarming number of DC movies will be removed from the streaming service’s array of titles to choose from, despite the DCEU’s most popular films being a heavy selling point for HBO and WarnerMedia.

The streaming service became available to patrons on May 27, 2020, where it had advertised itself as the “home of DC Entertainment.” Contrary to that selling point, it seems that HBO Max is taking back its word and walking back on its product. There were only a few titles from DC’s many live-action partners that were elected to not be available on the platform, but WarnerMedia’s most praiseworthy announcement was the rights to the extended Justice League cut, directed by Zack Snyder. After years of fans rallying together for the fabled director’s cut, they got the news that they were so anxious to receive. WarnerMedia doesn’t find themselves chomping at the bit to rush the extended run, and the Snyder Cut will release in 2021.

Only 13 DC titles will continue to remain on HBO Max after July 1, 2020, and the streaming service advised users to take advantage of their “last chance” to stream them.


In early July, the streaming service will remove:

  • Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice

  • Wonder Woman

  • Suicide Squad

  • Batman Returns

  • Batman

  • Catwoman

  • Batman Forever

  • Batman & Robin

  • The LEGO Batman Movie

  • Jonah Hex, Steel

  • The Losers

Though the list seems lengthy, fret not: Observer reported that HBO Max will shuffle its DC  library around monthly. 


Much like past streaming services have rotated their own films and television shows, the variety gives consumers a range to choose from every four weeks, but it means they also should act fast if they want to catch their favorites. The rolling slate is not a new concept for platforms akin to HBO Max, but WarnerMedia didn’t seem to hesitate while limiting their DC runs.

With some DC titles moving out come July, that only gives a chance for new titles to take over, but it still remains fuzzy why HBO Max was eager to be so scant with popular titles occupying the streaming service’s collection of films to choose from. The pressure of a “last chance” mentality is a useful tactic for dedicated DC fans clambering to get their hands on a  membership. Not to worry, though. Films that will be booted from the site currently reside for a while longer, until the new slate makes itself at home. Until then, these films are here to stay. 

Story by: Annie Banks


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