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Natural Moving Cosplay Ear and Tail Company Cosgear to Vend at Fan Expo Canada 2022

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Founded in Norway after being established in 2018, Cosgear was inspired by the idea of becoming a globally recognized leading brand in the cosplay accessory industry. Their mission was to present an innovative costume solution to the cosplay community. Functioning with a fully customer-first attitude, the assembled Cosgear team is founded on engineers, entrepreneurs, cosplayers, and costume designers determined to birth a one-of-a-kind product brimming with originality. Cosgear has elevated the aspect of realism and detail through their flagship products. The Costail, Cosears, and Cosband Pro are critical elements to transforming a good cosplay into a great one. Cosgear team members will be representing their brand in-person at Fan Expo Canada 2022 where an array of products will be available for purchase at the convention. Their at-convention presence will allow curious convention goers to experience Cosgear's groundbreaking presence in the cosplay community for themselves while gaining a unique hands-on experience. Cosgear and its brand representatives will be offering product demonstrations and interactive panels at Fan Expo Canada 2022. They can be found in Cosplay Alley near Aisle 2000 in the South Building of the Metro Toronto Convention Center.

Cosears are state-of-the-art electronic cosplay ears that are sensitive to sound and movement. Head movement activation triggers lifelike responses from the Cosears. The user can choose between five alternating settings: Natural Mode, Sound Mode, Rave Mode, Tilt Mode, and Relax Mode. Each settling is thoughtfully crafted to suit individual needs for product use. Cosears attach seamlessly with or without a wig and can be customized with interchangeable ear covers. They are a rechargeable product that can be charged through power banks and phone chargers through a USB-C cord. Costails often operate in tandem with Cosears; this moving tail is modifiable as tail segments can be added or subtracted from the mechanical spine. The Costail is easily detachable from its body harness and can be personalized through custom tail covers. Tails follow natural body movements while moving automatically after being prompted by hip movements. The Cosband is the powerfully magnetic headband that serves as the base for magnetic ears, horns, and miscellaneous accessories.

Cosgear remains determined to serve the cosplay community by satisfying their needs and wants as creative costumers. The company prides itself on upholding a trio of core pillars; to be creative, open, and generous. There is a relentless intention to represent the cosplay community through equality and balance for all to ensure that they consistently and authentically align with their core values. Cosgear prides itself on being a brand focused on warmth and color while using emotions to connect with its consumer base on an interpersonal level. Fan Expo Canada welcomes pop culture and entertainment enthusiasts from around the world to the Metro Toronto Convention Center from August 25th - 28th, 2022. Premium Packages, 4-Day Passes, and Single-Day Passes are available for purchase here. Tickets for the Buffer Festival - comprised of three days of digital-first media from Canadian and international creators - can be purchased in combination with Fan Expo Canada tickets for an additional premium fee attached.


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