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MocoQueen Colored Contacts Product Review: Vibrant, Comfortable, Captivating Lenses

The MocoQueen mission of enchanting people's eyes with the magic of colored contacts constantly pushes the limits of creativity as their unique product line inspires creatives worldwide. Following their branch launch in 2019, the high-quality cosmetic contact retailer has provided an ever-expanding range of artificial eye colors for every occasion. While the practice of wearing cosmetic contacts may be a popular fad in cosplay, costume, haunt, performance, makeup artist, and drag communities - to name only a few - the process of finding a dependable brand with a consistently positive reputation is an ongoing battle. MocoQueen Colored Contacts is the answer to any color contact lens user's endless search for a quality brand.

MocoQueen Colored Contacts have as much personality as they do quality. Endless positive reviews solidify MocoQueen's ever-growing reputation as a trustworthy and dependable colored contacts brand. The company's goal proves its dedication to "going above and beyond the expectations of cosplayers and makeup artists by helping them bring their characters to life and accentuate their most captivating features," per its official mission statement, and has earned the trust of its consumers when establishing themselves as a standout company that dares their competitors to keep up. High satisfaction rates, interest in building relationships with their consumers, and unbeatable quality of their products have established MocoQueen as a cosmetic contact retailer that is worthy of praise.

Product #1: Calm Blue Costume Contacts

These Calm Blue Costume Contacts, otherwise packaged as Halloween Saw Blue Contact lenses, are hydrogel terpolymer-based and manufactured in semi-cast molds. They're guaranteed a wear time of up to 3 months and are crafted with comfort in mind. These lenses are easy to wear and feel incredibly light when sitting on the eye. Their irises are vibrant and richly pigmented, and while these particular contacts are designed to uphold a more dramatic appearance, cover dark eyes as fully as possible without obscuring eyesight. While it takes a moment to adjust to having these lenses in, once in the eye, avoid causing any irritation. The Calm Blue Contact lenses from MocoQueen can be worn for hours on end while doubling as a standout cosmetic accessory. These lenses are fairly pretty while being pretty eye-catching, ensuring to elevate the extravagance of any look. Blue contacts may come in a variety of styles varying in intensity, ranging from natural hues to extreme cyans, but these Halloween Saw Blue contacts balance intensity with a fair shade that's flattering with a flattering pop of color. Icy-yet-soft, these sky-blue lenses add a splash of color to spice up casual attire to grandiose ensemble outfits. They retail here for $29.50 USD. Each order is packaged with contact application tools, a lens case, and wear-and-care instructions for your contacts.

Product #2: Pop Green Contacts

The Pop Green Contacts are hydrogel terpolymer-based and manufactured in semi-cast molds. They're guaranteed a wear time of up to 3 months and live up to their namesake when adding a pop of green that's stunning, yet charming. These truly comfortable contact lenses rest on the eye with little notice to the wearer and successfully overcome natural eye color, allowing its intentionally exaggerated iris to dominate the eye. Even when worn over dark eyes the Pop Green Contacts promise that they'll never lose their luster. These lenses are unmissable accessories regardless of how they're worn and are sure to dress up everyday wear to elaborate cosplay. Green contacts come in a variety of styles and shades, ranging from soft, misty mints to striking spring greens. When it comes to hunting down the most brilliant green that delivers a distinctive punch of color, Pop Green Contacts are a clear front-runner for any green-eyed look. They retail here for $29.50 USD. Each order is packaged with contact application tools, a lens case, and wear-and-care instructions for your contacts.

MocoQueen offers a diverse, vibrant, and versatile line of cosmetic contact lenses ranging from cosplay to everyday wear. MocoQueen's products are eligible for free standard shipping within the United States with a return window of up to 14 days. This can be applied to orders when selecting 3 to 5 Business Days at checkout, with shipping being supported by the USPS courier. Those looking for contacts in a crunch, be warned that processing time and shipping time may vary based on the selected shipping speed. While the site boasts a speedy shipping time of 1 to 4 business days, this order was received within a span of 8 days from the time the order was processed to when it was marked as delivered. Per the virtual storefront's footer, all materials are FDA-approved and each lens is registered with KFDA. Each contact kit includes lenses of choice, lens tools, and a step-by-step guide to colored contact care. In addition, MocoQueen advocates for sustainability and guides consumers through the steps to successfully recycle their purchase's packaging. Their entire product line can be found here, and take 10% off any MocoQueen contact lens purchase with discount code glass.

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